Friday, December 9, 2011

RIP Pandora

Poor lil Pandora. Found her dead in her cage this morning. No signs or anything.
So guess I wont be planning to breed her to Survivor after all. :( She wasnt the greatest rabbit type wise but she was still cute and a sweetie!!

Pandora you will be missed! :(

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monroe Show Results

Survivor (SSB) - 5/10 (A) - 10/10 (B)
StormSurge (BSB) - BOSV (A) - BOB (B) - 3rd(Granding leg) and 4th
Jamaica Me Crazy (BSB) - 2nd/6 (A) - 4/7 (B)
Pandora (BSD) - 9/14 (A) - 6/10 (B)
Aaliyah (BSD) - 7/14 (A) - 8/10 (B)
Gorgonzala (BJD) - 5/9 (A) - 7/10 (B)

Currently have the following rabbits bred


To be bred

Jamaica Me Crazy/Smilin'

Upcoming Show for the 2012 Show Season
CDA, Idaho
SSB - Survivor
SSD - None
BSB - StormSurge/Jamaica Me Crazy
BJB - Damon?
BSD - Aaliyah/Kali?/ButterScotch/NightFury
BJD - Natalya?

Not sure if the JRs will be ready, but wanna take ButterScotch and Nightfury so they can maybe Grand!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of the Year

Well it is the end of the 2011 shows! 1 more show left to send bunnies, Monroe.
Thinking of sending a few
SSB - Keith Stone, Survivor
BSB - StormSurge, Jamaica Me Crazy
BSD - Aaliyah, Pandora, ButterScotch, NightFury

Not sure about sending Butterscotch or nightfury depends on how their coats are looking
Jamaica, Survivor, Pandora, and Aaliyah will be going for their first time as SRs hoping they do really well if I send them!

Storm, Jamaica, Butterscotch, and Nightfury all need just 1 more leg to be granded!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Shows

Well its that time of year again! The last shows are coming up for the year 2011.

Just finished BMRBA shows yesturday
Results -
Mini Satin Buck got BOSB in ALL three shows!

Wish there had been two more bucks then Mozzy would have 4 legs and not just the 1. :D

Mini Lops did ok. Moms rabbit got 2nd, 3rd, and 3rd I beleive... My Cream got Last in all three shows. Still not done with her molt yet. Her coat is really really soft.

Had my first Mini Satin litter born this past week! Gwen had 6/7 :) They are so adorable right now

Currently waiting for my Results back from my REG test!! :/

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have 4 Upcoming JRs that will be shown at the fall shows, hopefully.

MoonWillow's ???
Broken Chocolate Chestnut
Sire: VT's Rolo (Bkn Chocolate Steel) RGC 13 legs
Dam: MoonWillow's/CreekSide's Queen Akasha (Bkn Blue S/T Steel)

CreekSide's/MoonWillow's Survivor

CreekSide's/MoonWillow's Survivor
Solid Chocolate Chestnut Buck
Sire: MoonWillow's MR. T (Taranis) (Solid Chinchilla)
Dam: MoonWillow's/CreekSide's Wiggly (Solid Chocolate Chestnut)

MoonWillow's Aaliyah
Bkn Chocolate G/T Steel Doe
Sire: VT's Rolo (Broken Chocolate Steel) RGC 13 legs
Dam: CreekSide's Seraphina (Bkn Chocolate Steel) R 1 leg

MoonWillow's Jesse
Bkn Black (Charlie) Doe
Sire: VT's Rolo (Bkn Chocolate Steel) RGC 13 legs
Dam: CreekSide's Seraphina (Bkn Chocolate Steel) R 1 leg

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cleaning up

I have decided to clean up my old posts.
So now all is new! :D Start over on the blog! Hopefully I can keep it updated more, then I usually am!

WA State Convetion Show List:
Mini Lops:
SSB: None
SJB: None
SSD: Meriam (Show A, Show B) Wiggly - Ashley (Show A, Youth Show)
SJD: None
BSB: Rolo (Show A, Show B) StormSurge - Ashley (Show A, Show B)
BJB: None
BSD: NightFury (Show A, Show B)
BJD: Topaz (Show A, Show B) ButterScotch (Show A, Show B)
Mini Satins:
White SR Buck: Mozzy
White SR Doe: Gwen

North Idaho Show (Sandpoint, ID)
SSB: None
SJB: None
SSD: ???
SJD: ???
BSB: Rolo (All 5 shows) StormSurge - Ashley (All 5 shows)
BJB: ???
BSD: Topaz (All 5 Shows) NightFury (All 5 Shows)
BJD: ButterScotch (All 5 shows)
Mini Satins:
White SR Buck: Mozzy
White SR Doe: ???

BF Rodeo (Kennewick Fair Grounds)
EVERYONE!!! With only $1.00 Entry Fee Everyone Will be going!!

Thats pretty much the next three shows I will be attending. I do offer Transport to any of the Above shows!

MoonWillow's/CreekSide's Wiggly x MoonWillow's MR. T (Taranis)
~ 1 Soid Chocolate Chestnut Buck
CreekSide's Seraphina x VT's Rolo (Father/Daughter Breeding/INBreeding)
~ 1 Black Charlie marked Doe
~ 1 Bkn Chocolate Chestnut Doe
MoonWillow's/CreekSide's Queen Akasha x VT's Rolo
~ 1 Solid Black Chinchilla
~ 2 Bkn Chocolate Chestnuts
~ 2 Bkn Black Chinchillas
~ 1 Bkn Black Chestnut